1. Only burn dry seasoned hardwood. Freshly cut wood is 50% water, hence, when you burn it you waste energy by creating steam. This can cause a creosote build up in your flue system, requiring frequent cleaning.

2. Stack your wood under cover in a well-ventilated area. Newly cut wood should be stored for at least 12 months before burning.

3. Use smaller logs to allow sufficient air to circulate around the heart of the fire.

4. A space above the fire will allow a flame to develop that will burn off the gases released by the wood.

5. Burn the fire briskly as smoke just pollutes the atmosphere and causes creosote to build in the flue, reducing the effectiveness of your Nectre.

6. If burning overnight, have a flame burning. Run your Nectre at full burn for 15 minutes prior to turning the heater down for the night.

6 Tips for Burning Wood Correctly.