N550 Wood-Fire Oven

The N550 Wood-Fire Oven is a powerful radiant wood heater that can warm up to 2,500 sq.ft. of living area. With the added features of a huge baking oven and cooktop with removable rings to become a cooking burner.  Model 550W includes waterjacket for whole home water heating.

The firebox body is built of 1/4" steel surrounded by a 1/8" steel outer casing to ensure efficient heat output, while the doors are made of durable and long-lasting cast iron.


The firebox itself is made of 1/4" steel, with 5/16" side sacrificial plates, hanging in position with no mechanical fixings.

Additional Features

N550 Wood-Fire oven is finished in black metallic paint and comes with cast iron door with ceramic glass and stay cool spring handles. Steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass.

A 35'x35' (90cm x 90cm) hearth is required.

Door aperture is 10" x 20" (25cm x 49.5cm).

Total weight is 465 lbs. (220 kg).


We recommend having a professional install any of our Nectre heaters. Our Dealers can arrange installation and most cases will undertake a site inspection to determine the correct location.

Radiant Heat

The Nectre oven's outer skin is the firebox, which means heat radiants objects around the fire. Radiant heat is excellent if you want to sit in front while watching the flame.

Flue and Hearths

Nectre ovens are not supplied with a flue from the factory. Our Dealers all provide suitable a flue and or decromesh kits required for installation. Nectre heaters do not come with hearths, our Dealers can supply a suitable hearth for your requirements.

Always burn seasonal

dry wood. 

Technical drawing for N550 Wood-Fire Oven

Freestanding dimensions

Top view dimensions



with 900mm Flue Shield


with 900mm Flue Shield




Hot flue gases circulate around the oven box to provide excellent cooking temperatures to bake a loaf or succulent roast or a favourite stew. The gases are then expelled through the Flue outlet. The bypass damper allows the Bakers Oven to function as a excellent wood heater when cooking is not required.

Resources & Downloads

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Owners & Installation Instruction Manual 

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