"The Legend Gas Fire has the style and warmth"

Legend Gas Fire DV36

Natural Gas Radiant/Convection heater

The Legend DV36 and DV32 gas fires boast warmth, character and a truly versatile range of installation and positioning options, the DV36 offers you the perfect situation for almost any room in your home.



100 m


The Legend DV36 gas fire is a completely sealed, direct vented, gas fire. Both beautiful and efficient, the DV36's sealed system works to maintain the air quality in your home by drawing the combustion intake and exhausting from an external system, while maintaining the warmth and character of the flame within its glass fronted fire box.


With a unique design, installation of the DV36 can be done without the need for a convectional chimney and offers the versatility of either horizontal or vertical flue systems.



Overall dimensions = 942mm (w), 873mm (h), 400mm (d)

Additional Features

  • NATURAL GAS only

  • Balanced flue system

  • Zero clearance installation

  • Can be flued vertical or horizontal

  • Shallow 400mm depth for firebox

  • Tall 440mm high glass viewing area

  • Unique high efficiency heat
    exchange for increased heat transfer

  • Thermo switch fan boost for increased convection heat

  • Ceramic fibre firebox liner for increased radiant heat

  • Safety screen AGA approved included

  • Reflector log panel to enhance double flame effect

  • Electronic pilot light ignition

  • Remote control option available *




Available in 4 sided brushed stainless steel (pictured in image B) or 3 sided brushed stainless steel or matt black in either 3 (pictured in image A) or 4 sided.

Also available in DV32

Covers 80m2 of living space.

Mj/h Low =10 / High = 21

Overall dimensions = 861mm (w), 753mm (h), 455mm (d)