General Questions About Nectre Wood Fired Ovens

How heavy is it?

The durability of Nectre Wood Fired Ovens are second to none.  Each model is manufactured using 1/4" thick steel. 

N350 model weighs 265lbs 

N550 model weights 550lbs

Can I use a Nectre Wood Fired Oven outdoors?

No, the Wood Fired Oven is not suitable for outdoor use.

What does the 10 year warranty cover? Is service included?

The manufacturer's warranty for all Nectre Wood Fired ovens is a 10 year limited parts warranty.  Additional details can be found in the owners manual.  Unfortunately we do not offer a service warranty, however, it is always recommended to ask your local dealer if they offer in home servicing.  Regular maintenance and inspection is always recommended on any wood burning appliance or fireplace.

What is included with my purchase? Is the stove pipe included?

Nectre Wood Fired ovens are include two removable racks and one baking tray. Due to the variation of ceiling heights and clearances required installations can be range as can the lengths of the stove pipes.  As such, the stove pipe is not included in the purchase of your Nectre Wood Fired oven but it is required.

Commonly Asked Questions About Cooking with a Nectre Wood Fired Oven


How large is the oven vs the cooktop?

N350 model has an oven size of 1.19 cubic feet/ 3283 cubic inch- The cooktop is 2.6 sq.ft.

N550 model has an oven size of 1.69 cubic feet/ 2920 cubic inch- The cooktop is 3.4 sq.ft.

How large is the firebox (w x d x h)?

N350 model is 14.17" x 11.81" x 15.35"  1.49 cubic feet/ 2575 cubic inch

N550 model is 19.09" x 11.81" x 9.45" to 12.99" (tapered height) 1.55 cubic feet/ 2678 cubic inch

How hot will the oven get?

The oven temperature will vary depending on the amount of wood burned, the condition of the hearth and the type of wood being burned. Even at most extreme operating temperatures, all adjacent surface temperatures will not exceed the a 60C rise above ambient when installed to building code and manufacturer specifications.  AT NO POINT IS THE EXTERNAL SURFACE INTENDED TO BE TOUCHED.  ALWAYS ENSURE CHILDREN AND PETS ARE SUPERVISED WHEN THE OVEN IS IN USE.

Can the cooking temperature be adjusted? 

Cooking temperature and times vary depending on the size of the flame.  This is controlled by opening and closing the air dampeners and the amount/size of logs in the firebox.

Commonly Asked Questions About Heating with a Nectre Wood Fired Oven


What is the difference between RADIANT and CONVECTION heat?

When Radiant heat is generated it warms objects in the room as well as the air.  When convection heat is produced it is held in a chamber, a fan foreces the air to pass through the chamber pushing it to be returned in to the room as warm air.  Nectre Wood Fired Ovens emit radiant heat which is ideal for homes with high or cathedral ceilings.

What is the difference between the N350 and the N350W model? (alternately the N550 and the N550W)?

Models ending in "W" indicates that the model comes equiped with a "Water Jacket" A water jacket is a boiler grade stainless steel water heater that sits in the rear of the firebox.  This features allows water to be heated when the firebox is in use acting as a hot water heater for the purpose of bathing or cleaning.  A very good option for those looking to reduce dependency on other sources of heating. These units can heat between 8,000 to 17,000 BTU of water.  

What is the/a clearance?

A clearance is the distrance of which the oven must be in proximity to other combustible articles.  All Nectre Wood Fired Ovens must be installed to the approved tested clearances as stated in their installation instructions, the oven's exterior will get hot.

How do I select the right model to heat my space?

Now, it is time to work out the area of your home you are planning to heat. We recommend that if you are unable to determine the size of the area, that you supply your local dealer with drawings of your home to assist you in determining the total square footage you plan to heat. 

The N350 model heats up to 1,000 sq.ft. while the N550 model heats up to 2,500 sq.ft


How does insulation affect heating performance?

A well insulated home will retain the heat produced by your appliance effectively maximising the efficiency and reducing the running costs. However, a home that is not well insulated will lose heat through the walls, ceilings and windows. Therefore, the heat output must be sufficient to heat both the area within the home and allow for the heat that will be lost. Also consider the climate you live in.




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