About Us

Nectre takes pride in the quality and integrity of its products. Since its humble beginnings in 1970, Nectre has sold well over 300,000 units in 12 countries.


Today we develop the next generation of low-emission, efficient wood stoves at our advanced manufacturing facility.


The success of Nectre is built on our passionate assembly team and dedicated technical department who ensure customer service, at all levels, exceeds expectations.


Our People, Quality, and Focus on Timeless Designs

These are the values that make Nectre your best choice when designing a new property, replacing an existing stove or looking to add a stylish, functional centrepiece to your home.

Wood Stoves

When winter hits, nothing beats relaxing in the beautiful warmth radiating from a real wood fire. There's no substitute for the exceptional heating performance and timeless, classic design of a Nectre.

Wood-Fire Ovens

Why stop at warming just your home? With our range of wood fired ovens, you can warm the bellies of your loved ones too and cook with the type of heat you can only get from a wood fire.